The Anil K. Mody Scholarship provides college scholarships to women of color in the King County region who are enrolled with Northwest Education Access. Dr. Anil K. Mody was a private individual who believed in the transformative power of education.   He grew up at the time when conditions in his country (India) were not conducive for higher education, so he lived in Germany for 8 years to pursue a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Stuttgart and followed with some work experience at German pharmaceutical companies. 

India was a developing country at that time, having just recently obtained her independence from British colonial rule. It was always Dr. Mody’s desire to return to India after his higher education and to contribute to society in his home country.  In fact, he did return after his PhD and he set up the first manufacturing facility for industrial strength adhesives in India.

Unfortunately, Dr. Mody passed away at the very young age of 42.  His wife and two daughters survived him. He had the foresight to invest in a fund for education for his daughters.  With the loss of the main earning member of the household, the family faced some difficult times.  However his daughter, Simmone, was able to complete her higher education thanks to the investment her parents had made.

This was truly transformative for Simmone as notwithstanding the difficult circumstances, she was liberated by the education she was able to pursue. Simmone thought it was fitting to create this scholarship in the name of her father.

We know we can make a difference by providing essential financial support to students in need. We also know that financial support alone is insufficient. That’s where NWEA comes in: each Anil K. Mody Scholarship recipient receives free academic advising, career counseling, tutoring, books, technology access, and mentoring. In addition, each student is paired with an Education Advocate who is physically located on the student’s college campus. These Advocates work with students to identify potential barriers to their academic success, address those barriers, and achieve their goal of higher education and overcoming poverty and adversity.

Thank you for considering your own contribution to NWEA’s scholarship program!


Thank you,

Simmone & Ashok Misra


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